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New! Now this e-list is even more accessible. When you purchase this e-list you receive it as a Word document that you can access on any computer, on your iPad and iPhone and on other tablets and devices.

New in 2014, this art print resource e-list consists of over 60 pages containing thousands of clickable links to online print sales sites, galleries that sell prints in their physical space + online, fine art presses, fine art publishers, and many print resources for Giclee and Lambda prints, screen print studios, online sales sites for your art printed on products--and much more.

Table of Contents for this Art Print Resource e-list:

  • Artist Online Art Print Sales Sites
  • Printed Products-- artist online sales for your art printed as/on art toys, art stickers, wall decals, murals, postcards, printed T-shirts, printed shirts, scarves, shorts, swim suits, hats, jumpsuits, jackets, dresses, curtains, kimono, leggings, tote bags, messenger bags, back packs, device cases, pillows, fabric, towels, wallpaper, rugs, deck chairs, chairs, mugs, beer labels, mixed media, limited edition ceramics, tiles, metal posters and other 3-D items
  • Print Art Collector Online Sites
  • Print Markets--physical sales venues and events for artists
  • Print Galleries--USA, Europe, Asia, Australia--physical gallery spaces that exhibit/publish editions, publish artist books, most w/online print sales/shop sales
  • Fine Art Presses/Print Studios: Editions
  • Technique Resources--Solar Plate, Non-toxic, Intaglio, Woodcut, Etching, etc
  • Print Publishers--posters, screenprints
  • Printer Resources/Services --Giclee/Lambda/Digital
  • Screenprint Studios: Limited Editions
  • Artist Print Contracts/Commissions
  • ONLINE: Print-on-demand/POD Books, art bookstores, digital magazines
  • Online Printmaker Communities
  • International Printmaker Organizations, Collectives, Print Fairs & Festivals
  • Letterpress
  • Large Print Companies Internationally
  • Printmaking Magazines and Blogs for artists to get featured
  • 3-D Printing--Communities, Resources, Sales Venues 

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