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E-Postcard Marketing Plan A

$350.00 $355.00

For E-Postcard Marketing Plan-A: We will send out any image of your artwork that you select to up to 1000 appropriate gallerists in New York City, Los Angeles, London, and other top art-centers internationally in individual dedicated emails. (We never mass send).  Plus we will post your e-postcard to our blog and it will autofeed into the ArtWorld app newsfeed to over 5,000 art lovers.

We will add your e-postcard to our very popular Pinterest page and share on Twitter (in 5 Twitter accounts), share it on Tumblr, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and in LinkedIN groups and on LinkedIN Pulse. 

E-postcards are beautifully presented, contain all your contact details, artist copyright and can be digitally watermarked if you wish.

    ✓   Here are the steps–

    ✓    Pay the plan A amount.

    ✓    Add your art images to the ArtWorld (we will provide the link)

    ✓    -or- if you already have your art images on ArtWorld app then simply let us know which images you wish to have sent as e-postcards.

    ✓    ArtWorld app for iPhone and iPad is available at no cost— get it on iTunes

Pictured is an e-postcard of the collage art of Alice Harrison.


Please be sure that you have a valid and current email address associated with your PayPal account so that we may contact you.

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