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Photographers Resources: International Photography Representatives and Photographer Agents, Gallerists and More +

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New! Now this e-list is even more accessible. When you purchase this e-list you receive it as an interactive Word document that you can access on any computer, on your iPad and iPhone and on other tablets and devices.

Note: many of the photography agents on our e-list also represent models, make-up artists, and other industry professionals.

This resource e-list for photographers contains of over 100 pages of clickable links to the websites of fine art photographer agents and photographer representatives internationally, commercial photography agents, photography publishers, photography galleries in the USA, Europe and internationally, sites that sell photography prints, photography organizations, photography communities, photography grants and fellowships--any resources useful to fine art photographers, and fine art photographers who also do some commercial work and much more.

What you will find on this e-list:

Content Categories/ Table of Contents:

Photography Agents and International Photography Representatives

Agents Representing Photographers and artists working in other media

Stock Photography and Digital Resources--over 100 Stock Photography Sites.

Online Galleries and Print Sales for Photographers

Art Collector Sites and groups interested in photography

Photography Galleries and Organizations: Europe Photography Galleries, USA, Canada, South American Photography Galleries, Australia and Asia Photography Galleries

Galleries that Represent Artists and Photographers

Museums and Photography Curators and Critics

Photography Communities and Artist Registries

Apps for Sales and Promotions

Photography Art Fairs

Photography Awards, Grants, Fellowships, Residencies/Film and Video and TV Grants and Awards and Funding Resources

International Art Consultants that purchase photographs

Photography Publishers

Art Licensing Companies that contract with photographers

Copyright Organizations

Photography Magazines, Blogs, books to submit to for feature exposure

Merchandizing /Branding Agents and Reps Internationally

MISC: Film, TV, Video Resources, Photography Print Resources, Used Photographic Equipment Sites

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