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This resource list of consists of over 200 pages of clickable links to over 500 art consultant's websites world wide.

Art Consultants are listed by region and state within the USA and by country internationally. The list starts with New York City, which has the most listings and makes up the majority of the Northeastern region listings for the USA.

For the west coast region, California has nearly as many listings as New York. In this resource list we also provide links to many art consultants in other US regions and states, such as Oregon, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Massachuettes, Washington DC, Washington State, other New England states, other Southeastern states, Western States, Midweastern states, and Alaska and Hawaii.

The International section of this resource list has numerous art consultants in Canada, the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and other European countries, plus, you will find links to art consultants in UAE regions such as Dubai, African countries, and South American countries. The section on Asian art consultants has listings for Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai China, Tokyo and Kyoto Japan, Singapore, S. Korea, and the Phillipines.

Additional listings include art consultants in New Zealand and Australia as well as other countries.

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