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Founder of Artist Marketing Resources, American artist and writer Marie Kazalia, has traveled around the world visiting many countries and continents, and has lived as an expatriate in Japan, India, and Hong Kong, China. Marie has an international mind-set for promotions and working with artists everywhere.

The Artist Marketing Resources blog launched on February 3, 2008, on the Wordpress blogging platform.

Artist Marketing Resources also has a LinkedIN group of the same name with thousands of members.

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  • "About two months ago, I stumbled upon your websıte and bought both the Transmedıa Artıst Guıde to Makıng Artıst Submıssıons and the Inter..."
    Alexis Avlamis
  • "Looking over the International Art Gallery list I have, so far, found enough useful links to have made the purchase worth it. I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you..."
    Dil Hildebrand
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